Activities and programs

We offer different kind of high-quality activities to local and foreign guests

Make your own Sapmi inspired cup

Discover the part of traditional Lappish culture - make your own Sapmi cup! You choose cufrom semi-finished cups, which you will make your own; treat and colour the cup with speciacoffee blend, polish and brand it. As a finishing touch you treat the cup with natural oils.

A leather strap and a certificate of authenticity makes the cup complete and ready to use.

In the end we will make a ceremony where you will have a taste of "Lappish elixir" from self-made Sapmi cup. Also you will get a certificate and a keychain and some snacks.

Duration: groups 2-6 persons 2 hours, groups 7 persons and more 3 hours


  • 2-3 persons 75 €/person
  • 4-6 persons 69 €/person
  • 7 persons and more 60 €/person

Extra options, round trip transportation: groupsize 2-4 persons  28 €, 5-19 persons 60€20-40 persons 120 €.

Prices include taxes.

Visit to Santa Claus village

We will drive to Rovaniemi and Arctic Circle for visiting Santa Claus Village through the magic Lappish landscapes. You will meet Santa Claus and make a picture with him. After that you will have your time to buy Lappish souvenirs, slide slopes, visit ice bar and try other activities. When you receive an overdose of Christmas, we will continue our trip with visiting the Arktikum museum – the centre of Lapish culture and history. After day full of impressions we will start back to Aavasaksa.

Duration 8 hours (5 hours in Rovaniemi)

Price starts 145 €/person  

  • Group size 2-4 persons - 195 €/person
  • Group size 5 persons and more – 145 €/person

Additional costs

  • Entrance tickets to Arktikum museum
  • Lunch
  • Other activities in Santa Claus Village
Prices include taxes.

When autumn changes into winter you can see the Lappish miracle - sky full of stars and Northern lights.

During the shortest days of winter the sun is visible only on the horizon. Then it fills sky with amazing colors. Sunrises again and snow sparkles with millions of diamonds during springtime.

Cross-country skiing

A common length of ski trails is about 40 km. 11 km of them is lightened. Ski trails start from Ainiovaara ski center and from Aavasaksa hill. In Aavasaksa they start right from the yard of our holiday resort and from Aavasaksa ski center (downhill). Ski trails are made both for classic and skate skiing style. Trails go through different terrains which offer a challenge for all levels of ability active ski enthusiasts. There are campfires and several restaurants on the way.

Snowshoes trips

Snow shoeing is a nice outdoor activity. Walk and explore Aavasaksa landscapes, take a break in the Finnish style campfire and grill sausages there.

Downhill skiing

Ski Centre is located nearby of our holiday resort. There are three slopes and a baton elevator. A new carpet lift is made for small skiers which can safely try a new activity. This lift also delivers to snow tube hill and sled hill.

Snowmobile tracks

There are many kilometers of snowmobile tracks, which go also to the direction of neighbor Pello commune and to Swedish side to Övertorneå. Campfires with beautiful views, hot coffee and sausages will crown your snowmobile journey.

Ice fishing

Lapland gives a great opportunity for ice fishing on lakes and rivers during winter and spring time. The ice here is so thick, that you can catch your fish even in April. Numerous ice fishing competitions are organized in this area in spring.

In summertime nature of Tornionlaakso changes to green color and you can enjoy “white” (nightless) nights when the sun is shining all days around.


The Torne river is one of the best salmon rivers in the world. Salmon fishing is one of the most popular hobbies in this area during summer time. Try your luck and catch a big salmon! Fishing is popular also in other rivers and lakes of this area. Find our fishing programs here.

Mushrooms and berries, hunting

Lappish forests and swamps are full of mushrooms and berries. In Summertime it֨s blueberries and cloudberries, in autumn you can pick up lingonberries and cranberries. Autumn is a good time for hunting. Bears, mooses, and some forest birds are allowed for hunting this time of the year.


Midnight Sun Canoeing route (total distance is 160 km) is an amazing experience and possibility to see Lappish nature, landscapes, local wild animals and birds (swans, European beavers and others). It fits both to beginners and professional canoeing fans (some parts of the route have rapids). The route consists of rivers and small lakes. 


There are a lot of hiking routes in Aavasaksa-Ylitornio area. One of them starts right from our yard. You can choose the route variation from 400m-2600m and then take a rest in a campfire with a nice view and delicious grilled food. 

Golf and Frisbee golf

A new golf field Tureholmi is situated just several kilometers from Aavasaksa in Övertorneå (Swedish side). Frisbee golf field can be found in Aavasaksa֨s neighbor hill – Ainiovaara. 

Local attractions

The top of Aavasaksa hill keeps a long history and scientific facts. In the middle of the 18th century, French researcher and scientist Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis used Aavasaksa hill for Earth measurement. A small round stone with metal arcs (”meridians”) reminds us about that expedition.
In the 19th century top of Aavasaksa hill became one of the points of Struve arc (Earth measure system, created during Russian scientific expedition ).
Observation tower and sightseeing platforms is a nice possibility to see Lappish landscapes, full of lakes, rivers and forests.
Emperor֨s cabin was built for Russian emperor Alexander II, which was going to visit Aavasaksa. Emperor didn’t come, but the cabin, which was built in Russian style is still open for visitors during summer time.


Summer time is full of events. Midsummer parties and other festivals are very popular. Come and take part in Scandinavian local parties and events!

Enjoy Lappish summer

It’s a pleasure to be on the sand beach of river Torniojoki or swim in local lakes during warm summer days. There is a family aquapark on the Swedish side of the river in Övertorneå.